Transmission - Rebuild

For a rebuild, a transmission is completely removed from your truck and disassembled in our shop. Each of the parts is laid out on a workbench and is inspected for damage and wear. The parts are then either cleaned in a special cleaning solution or replaced if damaged. In a complete transmission overhaul all gaskets and seals are replaced as well.

Transmission - Repair

At Platinum Truck Parts, we’re committed to taking care of your truck whatever it’s requirements may be. Adjustments and in-truck repairs, reseal jobs, replacing accessible parts or complete overhauls, choose us for any of your transmission needs.

Differential - Rebuild

We can rebuild differentials and transfer cases as required. All differential inspections and repairs are performed by experienced mechanics who know the ins and outs of differentials belonging to all types of trucks. We understand your need to get back on the road as soon as possible, which is why we carry a wide selection of differential and axle components. 

Differential - Repair

Differentials have three main jobs – sending power to the wheels, acting as a final gear reduction that slows the rotation speed of the transmission one last time before hitting the wheels, and transmitting power to the wheels while letting them rotate at various speeds.

If you hear a whine or a rumble around the axle, your vehicle’s differentials might be the problem. Come to Platinum Truck Parts for top-notch differential repairs.